This is a promotional picture of the Quicken Loans Arena (QLA) where the RNC was held.  Of course the picture has been seriously doctored, as most photographs are now.  It’s symptomatic of our tendency to try to make things look better than they are.  So here we have the massive façade, big columns, tall flagpoles, klieg lights, etc. suggesting a false grandeur, the usual feeble attempt to capture the glory of Ancient Greece or Rome with a sports complex (my apologies to the World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers who are the saving grace of this facility).  But the QLA that I went to was not this one.  It was more like a big concrete bunker surrounded by a tall black perimeter fence, and they didn’t serve alcohol in the arena, a major disappointment for me. I mean if I can drink beer while I am watching cartoonishly large and extremely violent people beating the hell out of one another on a football field, why can’t I watch cartoonishly earnest and extremely manipulative people beating the hell out of the other party on a stage?